Exchanging Your Cookie Reward Disneyland Tickets

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Dear Caregivers,

Congratulations on your Girl Scout entrepreneur earning their Disneyland Reward from the 2020, 2021, or both Cookie seasons. Your tickets are/have expired effective 12/30/2022.  

Some of you have let us know that you’re unable to visit Disneyland by the expiration date of your child’s earned cookie reward tickets.  The tickets cannot be extended or upgraded however; you can apply the value of the unused ticket to a new ticket allowing your family flexibility to visit the park.


The great news is that tickets never lose their value even if the ticket has expired.  This means you can book a new date and apply the value to a new ticket.  To do so, you must follow the below steps so that the value is assigned correctly.

Create or log in to your Disneyland account and link your tickets to your online profile - https://disneyland.disney.go.com/login?returnUrl=%2Fprofile%2F

Next, call Guest Information and Ticketing at 714-781-4636. Tell the agent “I live in Northern California and I need help making a reservation for a future date because I need to upgrade my unused ticket”.  

After the reservation is set, the Disney agent will send an email to you confirming your reservation.  The email will contain a QR code – which you will need to show when you arrive at Disneyland.

Now, visit Disneyland on your reservation date, and at the Ticket Booth, you can apply the amount of your unused expired ticket to your new purchase.  Don’t forget to bring the paper tickets and reservation QR code with you to Disneyland… If you don’t have the actual ticket and printout of the reservation QR code from the Disney email, you can take a screenshot of the ticket bar code as shown in the online app as well as show the email with the QR code. 

* If your new ticket is less than the amount on your expired ticket, you will not receive a refund.
* If your new ticket exceeds the amount on your expired ticket, you will need to pay the difference at the ticket counter; any cost difference is at your own expense.**

Lastly, have a magical visit!

** The earned tickets are a reward for selling 1500+ cookies during the 2020, 2021, or both cookie seasons.  The tickets belong to your child and family and you can choose which ticket tier, date, and type of ticket you want to purchase.  Girl Scouts of Northern California does not hold responsibility for these tickets.

The above information and process were confirmed with Mary from Disneyland Group Sales, 714-520-7053 on 12/8/2022. 


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