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Fund Development is a valuable resource to your troop and service unit. We encourage you to check out the Volunteer Essentials Money chapter for the latest updates on fundraising.


Q: My company matched the donation that I made to my troop. When will the troop receive the donation?

A: It depends on when the council receives the funds. Many companies use third-party vendors to manage their employee giving or volunteer hours. Some disburse funds quarterly, others semi-annually, and others monthly. Once we receive the funds, the distribution process takes up to 2 weeks.



Q: I made a donation through my company to my troop but I forgot to make a note that it should go to the troop. What do I do?

A: We receive between 30-50 donations from companies each month, so without that specific designation we won’t know the donation isn’t just a general council donation. If you did not specify your gift intention, please contact and let us know so we can flag the gift when it comes in.


Q: I have a very cool fundraising idea for our troop/SU, can we do it?

A: Our goal is to get to “yes” for you however there are restrictions to what the council can and cannot do. Please refer to the Volunteer Essentials Money section on "Collaborating with Sponsors and Other Organizations" here. If you still have questions about the opportunity – contact



Q: I want to request Gifts In Kind for our troop activity or project but they are asking for a formal letter on GS letterhead, where can I get that?

A: Fund Dev can help you draft a formal letter on GS letterhead that you can use for your solicitations. Contact or call (800) 447-4475 ext. 1505 to request a letter.


Q: One of our troop leaders passed away, can we make memorial donations in their memory?

A: Memorial tribute donations are a great way to remember someone. Fund Dev will let the family know about the gifts in their loved one’s honor if you provide us with the family’s mailing address. We send a nice Girl Scout notecard with the name and address of the donor so that the family is notified, and then they can send their own note when they are ready.


Q: Do donations have to go to the council or can they come directly to the troop or service unit?

A: To satisfy IRS rules and sound accounting policy, all donations of $250 or more must be officially acknowledged by the non-profit organization and therefore we request that these donations be sent to the address below:

Fund Development

Girl Scouts of Northern California

1301 Marina Village Parkway

Suite 200

Alameda, CA 94501


Q: My troop or service unit wants to apply for a grant or was awarded a grant, who I do?

A: Girls and troops can apply for grants to help fund a project or award. If the grant is open to youth organizations, over $250, and/or needs information that the girl/troop does not have, contact before you apply. If possible, requests should be submitted at least 21 days in advance. Once the grant is awarded, notify the institutional giving team. If the grant is over $1,000, we will also need a copy of the proposal, a detailed budget, and the award letter for our audit records.

Does your troop or SU want to help give more girls the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts? Consider making a gift to the Opportunity Fund, visit

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