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Looking for some short-term volunteering opportunities with Girl Scouts of Northern California? We could use your help!

Scroll below for the following opportunities:

  • Hogscouts Camp Volunteers, April 14-16
  • Camp Out Helpers, April 21-23
  • Girl Scout Day Volunteers, various weekends this spring
  • Bothin Bridging Bash Volunteer, May 19, 20, 21
  • *New* Redwood Skywalk Bridging Help, May 20, 21
  • Gold Award Committee Coordinator, ongoing
  • Council Catch-Up Activity Leader, any month

Hogscouts Camp Volunteers

Volunteers Needed: Kitchen Manager (1 person), Harry Potter-themed activity leaders (5 people), cooking and food prep (3-5 people), set-up/general supervision (5 people)
Date and time: Friday, April 14 at 7pm - Sunday, April 16 at 11am. Volunteers can join for the entirety of the event or just a portion.
Location: Camp Butano Creek, Fairfax, CA
The event is full but adult volunteers may bring their children.
To sign up to volunteer or for more information, email Lauren Fialkow at LFialkow@gsnorcal.org.


Camp Out Helpers 

Needed: Prepare and assist with Campfire Dinner, cold breakfast, and activities.

Date and time: April 21-23. There are two separate events happening this weekend: Friday night is for CSA (6th-12th grade), and Saturday night is for DBJ (K-5th grade). If you are available for both, great! If not, whichever night you're available would be helpful!

Location: Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

We will be staying up late to watch meteor showers, so make sure you get plenty of rest (or drink plenty of coffee!).

To sign up to volunteer or for more information, email Christy Birch at CBirch@gsnorcal.org


Girl Scout Day Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to facilitate activities for prospective Girl Scouts at upcoming Girl Scout Days. Girl Scouts background or experience recommended, but don’t stress if you’re new to this, we’ll provide plenty of guidance.

Dates and Locations are as follows:

  • April 16, 11:30am - 2:30pm, Bothin Girl Scout Camp, Fairfax
  • April 23, 10:00am - 12:30pm, Lou Henry Hoover Girl Scout House, Palo Alto
  • April 29, 10:30am - 1:00pm, San Jose office

To sign up to volunteer or for more information, email Casey Schaefer at CSchaefer@gsnorcal.org.


Bothin Bridging Bash Volunteer

Needed: Cooking, Meal Serving, Activity Supervising (activities will be led by Teens Take Over Girl Scouts, but we need adult supervision and support)
Date and time: Friday, May 19 at 5pm - Sunday, May 21 at 2pm. Volunteers can join for just a portion of the event.
Location: Camp Bothin, Fairfax, CA
Volunteers who support this event can have a youth participant (Daisy or Brownie age) attend for free.
To sign up to volunteer or for more information, email Erica Sutliff at ESutliff@gsnorcal.org.


Redwood Skywalk Bridging Help

Needed: We need help with event setup, photography, arts and craft activity leading, assisting with handing out meals, and cleanup.
Date and time: Saturday May 20 at 2pm-Sunday May 21 at 11 am. The event is overnight! If you can only do during the day, either Saturday afternoon or Sunday Morning, we'd appreciate help at any time you're available.
Location: Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, CA
This is a bridging event, so if you've been to a lot of bridging or know any great and fun bridging crafts, please reach out! Volunteers will also get 1 free event space for a Girl Scout.
To sign up to volunteer or for more information, email Christy Birch at cbirch@gsnorcal.org.


Gold Award Committee Coordinator

Meet once per month to review proposals submitted by girls to determine if proposals meet all Gold Award requirements and devise feedback/follow-up questions as a group. Follow-up with your assigned applicant(s) to communicate feedback. Offer support and information as needed and review final report.

Date and time: Committee meetings are monthly at local offices or via Zoom. Communicate with assigned applicants via Zoom, phone, email, or in-person as needed (time varies). Minimum one-year commitment.

Location: in your region

For questions, further details, and interest in this role, email Winnie Kubik at WKubik@gsnorcal.org.


Council Catch-Up

Needed: Lead a skill, craft, or other activity on Zoom! Last year featured a zombie make-up tutorial, gingerbread house making, calligraphy tutorial, trivia night, and more. Participants will be in 6th-12th grade.

Date and Time: attend one or more on 10/20, 11/17, 12/15, 1/19, 2/16, 316, 4/20, 5/18. All meetings are at 7:30 pm.

Location: Virtual

If you are interested in leading an activity, email Lauren Fialkow at lfialkow@gsnorcal.org.

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