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What are the dates of the partnership?

A: GSNorCal's partnership runs March 20th—April 23rd.


Why can't Daisies and Brownies participate in the partnership?

A: GSUSA defined this partnership's girl program progression as Junior—Ambassador to ensure the DoorDash customer experience is not impacted.


What is the delivery radius for DoorDash?

A: It varies depending on the location, particularly if urban, suburban, or rural. Consider a 15-20 minute drive time for the potential reach of your location.


How do orders get approved?

A: Once a customer places an order, the order routes to the tablet for location approval. If the order is not approved within 5 minutes, it is typically cancelled. If the order is for delivery, after the location approves the order, it routes to the closest Dashers to be picked up. Pre-orders are sent to the location for approval 20 minutes prior to the desired pickup or delivery.


How do locations cancel or delay location hours if girls don't show for their shift?

A: Locations may be opened, paused, and closed via the tablet or online via the Merchant Portal. To ensure the best customer experience, please update closures in advance whenever possible.


How will troops and girls get credit for packages and payments in eBudde?

A: Troops will record packages sold by girls on the Girl Orders tab after each shift. Troops will also record the corresponding payments for each girl to match and balance the packages sold.

SU Cookie Teams will send a GSNorCal-provided spreadsheet template of participating DoorDash troops to GSNorCal by 2/14 so they can be removed from the first ACH. Troop DoorDash admins also track all packages sold by girls on a GSNorCal-provided spreadsheet and submit to GSNorCal at the end of the program by 4/28 for DoorDash payment credit to troop on Payments tab in eBudde by GSNorCal before the final ACH. 


Who pays for the DoorDash commissions?

A: For 2023, GSNorCal is subsidizing all commissions payable to DoorDash.


What are suitable locations? 

A: All DoorDash locations must not be residential locations, one troop per location, and easy for drivers to access. 


How does a troop request to participate? 

A: Troops will request from their SU Cookie Team.


How are the DoorDash locations determined? 

A: Troops should contact their SU Booth Coordinator for first-come, first-served location opportunities. Location availability varies across the council depending on DoorDash service area and SU location-specific parameters. 


Will there be a DoorDash training? 

A: A DoorDash training will be held for those troops participating in the program – more details to follow. 


What if a location has a driver issue not showing up or not delivering the order?

A: Contact DoorDash directly at their attentive and helpful support line: (855) 973 –1040





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