Basic Program Aide Training

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Program Aide is an award and program opportunity that Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can participate in. The Program Aide position is where youth can learn how to develop and lead activities for younger participants. This training that can be customized according to the needs of each troop, SU, Camp, region, etc. This training is classified as the “Basic” portion of Program Aide Training that we consider the core skills of being a Program Aide. This section is the foundation for the rest of the optional training components. It is also the only piece that we expect every Program Aide to have an understanding of. The basic training includes: An introduction to leading a group, songs & games, Girl Scouts safety, the basics for creating a program, & a few other key leadership skills. These are the essential skills for our youth to lead & act as role models in the Girl Scouting community.



Program Aide Training Resources:

Youth Workbook

Adult Facilitator Workbook

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