Girl Scout Gold Award Final Report

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After Girl Scouts have submitted their Gold Award proposals, received approval to start, and completed their projects (usually over a period of 6 months to a year) they must submit a final report detailing the work they have completed.  Final reports must be submitted no later than the September 30 immediately following a Girl Scout’s completion of high school or their 18th birthday, whichever date gives them more time.  (Ex 1: if a Girl Scout graduates from high school in May 2025 at age 18, their deadline is September 30, 2025.  Ex 2: if a Girl Scout graduates from high school in May 2025 at age 17 and their birthday is not until October 5, their deadline is October 5, 2025).

Final reports are completed in GoGold Online, using the same portal in which they submitted their original proposals.  An email will be sent to the Girl Scout’s email address confirming that their submission was received.  Final reports are reviewed by the Gold Award Committee, who may have clarifying questions or additional materials they would like to review.  It is a good idea to upload copies or links to the work involved in your project, such as presentations, curriculum, videos, and so on.

When responding to the final report questions, be sure to answer what is being asked.  Answers do not need to be extremely long, but should be full sentences that clearly explain what was done for the project.

After gaining final approval, Girl Scouts have earned the Gold Award!  A congratulatory email will be sent to your registered email address.

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