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More than Just Badges...

Starting this spring, more than just badges and Journeys became available in the Volunteer Toolkit. Programs such as Paint Your World Purple were released, and we needed to update some terminology to match! Now you’ll see “patch steps,” and “patch requirements,” along with Award, Challenges, Service Projects, and much more! Our program team is working hard to bring more types of content to the VTK.



Speaker Invitation - Email Template

We know our leaders aren’t experts on everything, and the badges available span a wide range of topics. To support our volunteers in asking for help and inviting experts into their troop meetings, we’ve built a template they can use to invite subject experts to their troop meetings. They can customize the body of the email, but we start with some prompts to get them started. They can also attach meeting aids that might be helpful for the speaker to use or see in advance to prepare.




Updates to My Troop

We know the My Troop tab is the one-stop shop for all things related to the members of your troop. We’re updating the information you have access to on this tab to be even more useful.

  • A member’s grade has been added under their Age.
  • Contact and photo preferences have been added and pulled directly from their record in MyGS.
  • Issues with phone numbers, emails, and secondary contact information have been addressed so that information is filled in consistently and accurately.


Explore Even More, Without Resetting!

The Explore tab is your place to find detailed Meeting Plans before you add them to your Year Plan and to find out the time-saving packages of meetings we’ve already grouped based on providing variety or a specific program topic. Starting Summer 2022, keep coming back to the Explore tab to add to a year plan WITHOUT resetting it! We’ve separated the ability to delete (previously known as resetting) from the Explore tab so you can mix and match individual meetings or mix and match groups of meetings to save you time and effort.


Check out New Badges and Journeys to see the latest badges, Journeys, and awards available in the VTK.


Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)



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