gsCommunity benefits for new troop members

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As a troop volunteer, you are teaching your troop members that they can do anything. You are a coach who guides and advises your troop while encouraging them to grow, develop and take more responsibilities for their troop over time. You’ll explore and learn alongside your troop and grow in confidence in the process. 

gsCommunity is your place to connect with other troop volunteers.

  • You are not expected to know everything about Girl Scouting when you become a troop volunteer. You can connect with volunteers who have experience that can help. gsCommunity is a great place to ask for help when you need it. 
  • You might not know of unique field trip ideas near you. There are troop volunteers who share field trips and travel ideas that you can bring back to your troop. And, when you go on a great trip, you can inspire other troops by sharing about it in gsCommunity!
  • Your project management experience might be limited and troops need good communication and process for cookies, trips and more. You can get insights from experienced troop volunteers on how to manage troop operations.

Join gsCommunity today and share this social networking app with other registered members of your troop, including your Girl Scouts (with parent permission)!

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