New Troops and the Cookie Program 2023

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The World's Largest Girl-Led, Skill-Building Entrepreneurial Program

Show cookie customers how the iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program prepares entrepreneurs in their communities to lead, and succeed, all while making it possible for them to embark on amazing adventures, form lasting memories, and unleash their problem solver and inner leader!

Why should my troop participate in the Cookie Program?

  1. For over 100 years, the Girl Scout Cookie Program has been providing girls with a dynamic hands-on experience, allowing them to develop life-long leadership skills, financial literacy skills, and entrepreneurial skills, as well as embrace community engagement.
  2. In addition, entrepreneurs and their troops can earn reward items as well as financial empowerment as they earn their own money to fund troop expenses and other exciting Girl Scout experiences!
  3. Most importantly, participating in the Cookie Program in Fun! Year after year, we hear from successful alums on how selling cookies during the annual Cookie Program was one of their favorite Girl Scout memories.

Did you know? In 2022, over 15,500 girls across Girl Scouts of NorCal participated in the Cookie Program. Together they sold over 3.8 million boxes!

How to Participate

Selling cookies is one of the best ways for new Girl Scouts to feel welcome and part of the GS sisterhood. There are 3 ways to participate. Whether participating in one, two, or all three ways, your troop can choose what works best to meet their goals!

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Easiest-Digital Cookies: With the Digital Cookie platform, participants create customized websites and send emails to people they know, offering them to buy cookies. Did you know? Those who sold online previously had a per-girl-average of 178 boxes, compared to 129 boxes for those who did not sell online.

Easy-ish -Direct/Door-to-Door Sales: With an adult, entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit friends, family, and neighbors with cookies in hand. They can load up a wagon with cookies, make signs, and go on a neighborhood walkabout.                                                                     

The Challenge-Booths: Set up shop in high traffic areas, like grocery stores or coffee shops to reach more customers. Booths are easily selected in eBudde, the online cookie inventory management system.




Get Started With 5 Simple Steps:

 1 Prepare
  • Gather the following troop information
    • Troop & Service Unit Number
    • Troop Leader's Name, Email, Phone
    • Troop Cookie Manager's Name, Email, Phone
    • Service Unit Cookie Manger's Name, Email, Phone
 2 Plan
  • Ensure the troop has 2 adults with a current registration and background check, and that all participating entrepreneurs are register.
  • Ensure the troop has a bank account.
  • Request Troop Leader or Treasurer to submit an ACH Debit form on
  • Review the Troop Cookie Kickoff and Resources online at>Cookie Resource.
  • Meet with troop and caregivers-set goals, submit the Caregiver Responsibility Agreement, and review price, payment, safety, and dates.
 3 Sell
  • Encourage participants to create their personal online shop with the Digital Cookie platform.
  • Troop Inventory Order: Troops place an inventory order on the Transaction tab in eBudde with a cupboard that is most convenient to pick up from. Use the Troop Initial Order Planning Worksheet to help determine Troop's inventory order by variety.
  • Pick up cookies from cupboard and distribute to participants.
  • Sign up for booths by clicking on the Booth Site in eBudde.
  • Need more Cookies? Find available cookies on the Cookie Exchange tab in eBudde, or place a re-order on the Transaction tab with a cupboard near you.
 4 Collect
  • Set a schedule to collect money from parents. Check in weekly to confirm their sale activity.
  • Deposit all money into the troop account in a timely manner.
  • ACH Credit forms only if needed, per the due dates.
 5 Celebrate
  • In eBudde, allocate all cookies to participants the Girl Orders tab and submit their rewards on the Reward tab.
  • Girls selling 30+ boxes of cookies will earn the 'Go Bright Ahead" charm patch!            


  • The service unit cookie manage will let you know when the rewards are ready for pick-up.
  • Plan a celebration with the girls to celebrate their Cookie Program success!


If you have questions about the Cookie Program, please consult your Service Unit Cookie Manager or contact our Helpdesk at (800) 447-4475, ext 0, or email, open Monday-Friday, 9am to 5 pm


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