Renewal Information (Troop/Youth Incentives)

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Early Bird Renewal


Early Bird Renewal runs from April 1 - June 30.  Troops who retain 70% of their youth members by June 30, with either new or renewed memberships, will earn an additional $0.10 per package of cookies sold in the 2024 Cookie Program. Youth who renew by June 30 will automatically receive a collectible patch featuring our Early Bird, Ember.  Lifetime members, adults, and graduating seniors who would like a patch, will need to renew their memberships, then request one via the Adult Early Bird Patch Request Form

Juliette Girl Scouts are eligible for both of these incentives. 

For more information check out the Troop Early Bird Incentive Flyer.

Not renewing early? No problem, you can still renew after June 30. Renewals of memberships and roles should be completed by September 30.  While members can renew any time after September 30, it is highly encouraged that renewals are completed by this date to ensure a smooth transition into the new membership year, which officially kicks off on October 1. 

A few things to keep in mind for October 1, the start of the new membership year:

  • Those not renewed will show as 'inactive' on the troop roster and their spot will be displayed in the troop opportunity catalog (if the troop is open), until those members are renewed again. 
  • Troop Leaders and Troop Admins not renewed will lose access to the Volunteer Toolkit and troop roster view in MyGS. Access will be reinstated after renewals are completed.  
  • Participants who are not renewed or with an active membership are not covered by Girl Scout activity insurance.
  • Membership renewal is $40 for youth ($25 membership + $15 council service fee) and $25 for adults.

Renewal Instructions


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