Marketing Toolkit for Volunteers

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Making a flyer, invite, or something else? Here is your one stop shop for all your GSNorCal branding assets. Use the updated logo and trefoil for your event fliers, social media posts, and more.

Color Palette

It is important to make sure you're staying within the approved color palette while designing. Here are all approved colors.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 154838.png


The classic trefoil shape was patented by Julliette Gordon Low in 1914 and has been an iconic part of the Girl Scouts brand ever since. It's impactful and recognizable, and a necessity for any of your materials. 
Download it in a variety of colors here:

What Not to Do:

Before including a trefoil, make sure to pay attention to some of the ways it shouldn't be used.

Trefoil Misuse.png

The Trefoil should never be altered. The following is a list of things to never do with the Trefoil: 

1. Do not use effects with the Trefoil. 

2. Do not outline or alter the Trefoil. 

3. Do not rotate the Trefoil. 

4. Do not mask the Trefoil. 

5. Do not place photography inside the Trefoil. 

6. Do not use type within the Trefoil 

7. Do not use type on the path of the Trefoil. 

8. Do not use type as a pattern within the Trefoil. 

9. Do not alter the proportions of the Trefoil.

Service Mark

Here are some color options if you're using the council's service mark. Take not of these branding guidelines.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 155335.png

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