Disbanded Troop Donation to Girl Scouts

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If a troop has decided to disband, but still has remaining troop funds, the leader or troop administrator should help the Girl Scouts decide how to use their existing funds.  This decision must be made by the girls and youth in the troop. 

Please note: Troop funds are for Girl Scout activities and are not to be retained by individuals. This means it cannot be distributed in the form of a cash, check, gift cards to individuals.

Appropriate use of remaining funds include:

  1. Program activity prior to disbanding
  2. Donations to Girl Scouts
    • The Service Unit: The best practice is to obtain a cashier’s check made out directly to the service unit. Connect with the SU Treasurer for details about the process.
    • Another Troop (usually done for those transferring or continuing with another troop): The best practice is to obtain a cashier’s check made out directly to the troop. 
    • GSNorCal Council (via the Donate Now page on our website)
  3. Purchase of lifetime memberships for graduating high school seniors or renewal of membership for those continuing with another troop. 
  4. Donations to another non-profit the troop has developed interest in. Guidelines are on page 3 of Volunteer Essentials | Money-Earning Basics.

For additional information about disbanding your troop, visit Disbanded Troop Form.

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