Service Unit Management – Sample Service Unit Meeting Plan

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Basic Service Unit Meeting Plan


Arrival Activity/Snacks/Start-Up

Consider adding some kind of self-directed activity leaders/volunteers may do if they arrive early for the meeting. The activity should not require a lot of time to complete and little, if any, cleanup.  Supplies for the pre-meeting activity should be set up and ready for the leaders when they arrive. This activity gives the Service Unit Team time to greet people as they arrive and keeps attendees busy with something structured. 

Some possible examples include: 

  • A photo album or slideshow with pictures of past or the most recent SU event to look at. 
  • Pick a single topic such as “behavior management” or “something my troop did that I am proud of” and put out index cards. Ask each leader to write down & share one of their best practices or recent activities. Use this later in the activity section of the meeting. 
  • If possible, put out a veggie or cheese and cracker tray – people tend to bond over food.
  • A voting station & drop box for a choice between three different kinds of SU events.
  • Plan an icebreaker activity.

Hint: If you make this part fun, the leaders/troop volunteers will tend to come on time. 



Have an official start to the meeting. Some SU’s have older girls do a flag ceremony if there is time, but a simple recitation of the Promise & Law is a great way to start as well. 


Service Unit/Council Business

Have an agenda. Print it and stick to it.  People feel good when they can visually see that the group is accomplishing tasks. Give them only what is necessary. Keep it short and simple and try to focus on business that is better handled with face-to-face time than in email. 



Activities that the leaders can take back to their troops are always popular and will tend to get more folks to come to the meeting.  Some examples include crafts, Journey ideas, games, Short and Snappys, Service Unit Toolkits, and Table Topics. You can also consider seasonal topics related to current endeavors and events such as  the Fall Take Action Program, Cookie Program, World Thinking Day, Girl Scout Birthday, or Leader Appreciation Day.



Bring the group back together. Ask what they found most valuable from tonight’s meeting. Give them the date and time of the next meeting. Invite them to help clean up after the meeting if they would like to stay and chat. Thank them for coming and wish them a great night. 



Put the meeting place back in order. Involving others can help encourage group connections. 

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