Girl Scout Silver Award Final Report

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While Troop Leaders approve Silver Award projects to start work, Silver Award final reports are approved at the Council level.  Girl Scouts must work with their Troop Leader or other adult support to submit their complete report using GSNorCal’s official form.  If you wish to preview the final report questions and work on a draft in advance, they can be found on page 16 of our Silver Award Packet.  We recommend dedicating some troop meeting time to working on final reports together, and using resources like Google Docs that auto save and that multiple people can work on at one time to draft.

Final reports are due no later than the September 30 immediately following any member of the Silver team’s completion of the 8th grade.  For example, if a group of three 7th graders and one 8th grader is working together on a Silver project, the deadline for the whole team is September 30 following the one 8th grader’s completion of that grade.  We strongly recommend that Girl Scouts submit their final reports as soon as they believe they are done with their project; don’t wait for the deadline if you don’t need to!

Silver teams will receive an email confirmation that their final report has been received.  Our Silver Award team will review all final reports, and teams may receive an email or phone call with clarifying questions or feedback.

If your project meets all Silver Award requirements, it will be approved!  You will receive a congratulations email.

If your project is missing some of the requirements, our team may work with you to identify additional steps that can be completed before the award is granted.

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