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There are a number of ways a service unit can recognize their volunteers! Informal thank-yous and recognitions can be done throughout the year, and official service unit awards, like the Volunteer of Excellence Award, are another great way to show appreciation. 

Service units decide on their own timeline to approve and present awards and should also appoint a Recognitions Coordinator who will ensure that volunteers are recognized in their service unit! Recognition Coordinator training is available in gsLearn

Plus don't forget our informal appreciation resources and troop level awards. Looking for something more? You also can nominate an outstanding volunteer for a National or Council Award


Service Unit Recognitions Coordinator Resources and Training Course (available in gsLearn!) Pinterest: Volunteer Appreciation Ideas
Service Unit Awards Packet Service Unit Celebrations & Awards Ideas

Service Unit Awards

Further details about each of these awards, including how to order them, can be found in the Service Unit Awards Packet.

Volunteer of Excellence Award

For outstanding service providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls or supporting the council’s mission delivery to girls and adults. This is a GSUSA national award distributed by the service unit. 

Green Angel Award

For a volunteer who brought Girl Scout program to their service unit in the most creative or innovative way.

Scoutdoor Award

For a volunteer, leader, or troop that did especially creative or an exceptional number of outdoor activities.

Rookie of the Year

For an outstanding NEW troop leader.

Family of the Year

For a family who has contributed outstanding service, such as supporting their troop, camps, special events, product programs, etc.

Father of the Year

For an outstanding father or male role model who always seemed to be there when the troop or the service unit needed him.

Community Partner Certificate

For groups or individuals within the community who have had a positive impact on the service unit by volunteering, providing donations, or providing other outstanding support to Girl Scouts.

Insignia Includes the position pins, achievement patches, numeral guards, and years of service pins.

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