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Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), you probably have some questions. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started. 



What is the VTK?

The Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is designed to support troop leaders in planning and delivering program content through troop meetings to girls of all program levels. The intent is to consolidate resources into one digital tool to save troop leaders time and assist them with year plans, meeting agendas, and troop management. The VTK is available for service units as well as Juliettes/Individually Registered Girl Members (IRG). 

How do I access the VTK?

From our council homepage (www.gsnorcal.org), look for MyGS in the upper right corner. Log in using the username and password you created when you set up your Girl Scout member account.


  • Once logged in, click “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select “Volunteer Toolkit” from the left side menu.
    • The VTK works best on Chrome. If you experience issues, be sure to clear your browser cache.

VTK access is dependent on your membership status and role. You need to have a current membership status and an active volunteer role assigned to you for the upcoming membership year by June 30 to have uninterrupted access to the VTK.

Contact our Member Services team at info@gsnorcal.org for further support.

Who has access to the VTK? 

Active volunteers registered for the current Girl Scout membership year in the following roles:

  • Troop leaders & assistant troop leaders
  • Troop treasurers
  • Service unit volunteers in the Leader Support Manager (LSM), Membership Support Manager (MSM), or Program Support Manager (PSM) roles
  • Caregivers/Parents of girls registered for the current Girl Scout year in a troop and caregivers of Juliettes/Individually Registered Girl Members (IRG).

What permissions does each role in the VTK have?

  • Troop leaders & assistant troop leaders: full access to all VTK functionality
  • Troop treasurers: read-only access to all tabs
  • Service unit volunteers: access to all program content and demo access to My Troop tab to assist troop leaders as needed
  • Caregivers of IRGs: leader-like access to all program content
  • Caregivers of girls in a troop: read-only access to all tabs if the troop leader sets up a year plan

Can leaders and assistant leaders of the same troop access the VTK?

Yes! VTK access is granted at the troop level, so all troop leaders/assistant leaders have access to the same account. Because this is at the troop level, any edits/changes made by one leader will apply to and be visible by all the other leaders—so coordination between leaders is important. Leaders can be in the same troop account at the same.

Can VTK be used for someone who leads 3 different troops?

Yes! The troop leader can toggle between troop accounts. In addition, volunteers can toggle between their troop accounts and their parent/caregiver accounts for girls.

If I have a Multi-level troop, can all leaders view the VTK?

Yes. VTK defaults to the program level identified at the time of registration; it’s based on the troop number. If one large troop is working in patrols at the grade level with just one troop number, one VTK account is to be shared amongst all troop leaders.

What if a Juliette/individually registered girl (IRG) is placed in a troop after setting up her VTK?

The family will need to download any information they would like to keep, such as achievement records or their Year Plan. Once they are moved into the troop, access to their IRG account in VTK will be disabled.

What program levels can access the VTK?

The VTK has pre-selected or build-your-own track options for all program levels, grades k-12.

Can VTK users view program content for program levels besides their own? (ex. Older girls need to see younger girl content, troops are getting ready to bridge to a new level)

Yes. VTK users can access digital program content on the VTK for all program levels. Once you have your own program level’s year plan selected, go to “YEAR PLAN,” click “Add Badge/Journey,” and you’ll be prompted to use the filter to search and add badges/Journeys in any program level. In addition, troop leaders and service unit volunteers have access to a Demo Troop Leader account and Demo Parent account. Using the Demo Troop Leader account, they can see all year plan tracks available for each program level. 

What are some additional resources in the VTK for multi-level troops? 

If your troop is listed as a multi-level troop in our registration system, you are now able to access multi-level content. If your troop is listed as a specific level (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador), you are able to access all meeting plans and add meetings from other program levels by clicking “Add Badge/Journey” from the “YEAR PLAN” tab. To combine two meetings of different levels into one meeting date: ensure your meeting schedule has been set. Add your desired meetings to the year plan. Next, open “MANAGE CALENDAR” in your “YEAR PLAN” tab. Click on the calendar symbol by one of the applicable meetings, select “COMBINE MEETINGS,” and check the meetings you wish to combine. By clicking “CONTINUE,” you will select the new date for the applicable meetings & save your selection.

Can I register for programs, camp, etc. through the VTK? 

No. You can only register or renew membership through the “MYGS Account Profile” function. To register for camp, programs, and learning opportunities, visit gsnorcal.org, click on the “EVENTS” tab, and use the Events Calendar to find and register for the program or camp that you would like.

Are volunteers able to upload their own resources to VTK?

Yes! Volunteers can now add their own online resources to VTK. Currently, volunteers can only add resources by adding a url, you are not able to upload attachments. In addition, they can add a custom activity to the year plan. For example, a field trip to the fire station or a council event, can be added to the troop year plan by clicking “ADD ACTIVITY” from the “YEAR PLAN” tab. Troop leaders can also edit and customize an existing meeting plan as needed. For example, if they wanted to add additional meeting aids available in the VTK or adjust the time needed for various agenda items, they are able to do that.

What is not in the VTK? 

Council activities are not presently integrated into the VTK. Continue to use the Event Calendar on our website for more info. Information on Highest Awards, bridging, safety awards, and additional badges and awards are not included in the VTK.  Refer to the Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting, program level handbooks, and the online shop for badge pamphlets.

If I don’t have internet at my home and/or meeting place, how will I access the VTK? 

If you don’t have internet at home, libraries are great resources– you can print meeting plans or download them onto an electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone) to use without internet access at your meeting. 

Why can’t I view my year plan for the upcoming membership year? Example: My troop bridged from Brownie to Junior and now I want to view/add the Junior Year Plan options.

Year plan changeover in the VTK is around July 1, depending on where in the week the date falls. At that time, Year Plans for 2022–2023 will be archived and the 2023–2024 year plans will become available. Archived plans can still be viewed by troop leaders; they cannot be edited, however. You must be registered for the next membership year to access the VTK after July 1st.

How do I find out all the badges and Journeys available?

The badge charts for all program levels have been updated to include all the newly released badges and Journeys available in Girl Scouts. This is a quick and easy way to view all the badges and Journeys available for your program level. 

Will a Journey leader guide be printed for the new program content, or do they have to use VTK?

There are no printed leader guides for the new Journeys. Volunteer resources supporting the new Journeys are available in the VTK and for purchase through our council and online stores.

How do we involve girls in planning their year while using the VTK?

Leaders will still be able to keep their troop girl-led by involving girls in the decision-making process. Start by downloading the Badge Charts from GSUSA's website to see what’s available. Learn more specific details about each badge by using GSUSA’s Badge Explorer. View the VTK Tip Sheet: New Journeys and Badges to learn what’s new and the VTK Tip Sheet: Choosing and Customizing Your Year Plan to learn how to involve girls in this decision. Discuss and share all the options with your girls. Once they have decided you can select their chosen year plan in the VTK.


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