Disbanded Troop Form

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Whether your troop has graduated/aged out, merged, or decided not to continue, you need to fill out the annual troop finance report along with the disbanded troop form.


Disbanded Troop Form | Online Form

  • Troops are no longer required to turn in troop debit cards, checkbooks, health history forms, bank statements, and troop supplies to the service unit. Instead, refer to the VE | Document Retention article for guidance on when to destroy items.


Troop Finance Report | Online Form

  • If your annual troop finance report did not indicate that the troop was disbanding and/or how the remaining funds will be spent, you will need to submit the annual finance report a second time indicating how the remaining funds were used, along with the most recent bank statement.


If your troop has funds remaining, review the Disbanding, Merging, Bridging, or Splitting Troops (PDF) for additional financial guidance and disbandment procedures.

Contact your Volunteer Support Manager with any additional questions.  

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