Co-Op Troop Description

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What is a Co-Op Troop? 

The traditional troop model has two unrelated adults acting as the Troop Leader and Co-Leader. In a Co-Op Troop, all families work together to share the responsibilities of leading the troop.

What is a Troop Admin? 

The Troop Admin is the key to the troop’s success! This role is primarily responsible for handling communications within the troop and with the service unit and council, coordinating the troop calendar, delegating roles, and managing forms. During the year, you can expect to volunteer 4-6 hours/month. Our online tools and trainings make it easy to manage your troop. Meeting outlines, activity ideas, and best practices are all at your fingertips. And, you're not alone! You'll be joining a network of Girl Scout volunteers who are ready and willing to provide support. 

What is a Troop Program Coordinator? 

As the Troop Program Coordinator, you will work with your Girl Scouts to put together a Troop Year Plan that incorporates variety of activities and experiences.  You will work with your Girl Scouts and Troop Helpers to plan, coordinate, and lead meetings on a rotating basis with other Troop Helpers, help to plan and chaperone activities and outings where needed. You will coordinate and help to deliver Girl Scout program for the troop through progressive, fun, and contemporary learning experiences; helping girls develop skills, confidence, and friendships that will last long after the meeting is over. This is your opportunity to make a meaningful impact for girls in your community! During the year, you can expect to volunteer 2-4 hours/month. Our online tools and trainings make it easy to help manage your troop.

For more information about the co-op troop training requirements, please consult the Co-Op Troop Roles Online Learning Matrix


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