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A Girl Scout trip is an opportunity for girls to have fun, to experience adventure, and to enrich their ongoing Girl Scout program. A Girl Scout trip is defined as any time a troop has an activity at a location other than the regularly scheduled meeting place. If the troop will start and end at the regular meeting location but will walk to a local park or other destination, this activity is not defined as a trip.

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Ready to plan an International Trip? Please read theGlobal Travel Toolkit!

For Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors seeking more adventures, see Girl Scout Travel Opportunities

Reengaging Girls 

The end of this trip doesn’t have to be the end of a girl's time with Girl Scouting. Some girls participate in Girl Scouting in all sorts of ways; others are excited only about travel. What lies ahead for them—and for you?

  • Girls who have never been involved in any other way besides travel may be looking for longer-term opportunities closer at home. Younger Cadettes may want to participate in resident camp, while Seniors and Ambassadors—as well as older Cadettes—will want to hear all about upcoming series and events at GSNorCal.
  • Girls who have traveled once tend to want to travel again. Be sure girls are aware that other travel opportunities, such as GSUSA Destinations, will exist for them in the years ahead. The great experiences they had on this trip may have prepared them for longer and more global trips in the future.
  • Girls may want to hear about the Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards, which are opportunities for them to make a dramatic difference in their communities—and to have plenty to brag about with college admissions officers, too!

And what about you? If you’re ready for more opportunities to work with girls, be sure to let GSNorCal know how you’d like to be a part of girls’ lives in the future. Are you ready for a year-long volunteer opportunity with a troop? Help organize a series or event? Take another trip? The possibilities are endless.

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