Kick the year off right by engaging parents and caregivers

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Girl Scouting provides the best opportunities for girls when families step up and play an active part in the troop. Without meaningful support from parents and caregivers, it’s difficult for a troop to be all it can be. Plus, girls feel a special sense of pride when their families take part and show interest in the things they’re doing! 

What Is a Parent and Caregiver Meeting?
It’s the first meeting you have to start each troop year—whether you’re a new or returning troop. It’s valuable for all troops. 

Why Hold a Meeting? 
After hosting your first Girl Meeting, continue Kicking off each year with a parent and caregiver meeting to set the troop up for success. Sharing what the girls would like to get accomplished this year, outlining clear expectations, building a team, and engaging parents in the Girl Scout experience is a great way to start off on the right foot. When parents are involved, leaders have support, the troop has a plan, and girls benefit!  

The meeting helps:

  • Families understand what Girl Scouting can do for their girl. 
  • Families and leaders identify ways they’ll work as a team to support the troop. 
  • Families and leaders agree about what the troop pays for and what families pay for individually. 
  • You fill key troop positions—you never know which parent will make an awesome assistant leader or troop cookie manager. 
  • Families know how the troop will communicate things like upcoming events or schedule changes. 
  • Families learn about uniforms, books, and other important basics. 

Check out our step-by-step guide and “Parents & Caregivers Meeting Outline” on the Volunteer Toolkit. This 60–90-minute meeting will make all the difference in the year ahead. 

Another meeting you don’t want to miss is the Cookie Program Girl & Family Meeting in the Volunteer Toolkit.  Just like the parent and caregiver meeting at the beginning of the year, this meeting is your chance to share what girls gain through the cookie program, outline expectations, and find the support you need for a successful cookie season. The cookie program is a team effort and you’ll want to get families on board!

For even more tips on working with troop families, check out Girl Scouts’Tips for Troop Leaders hub.

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