Your Role in the Cookie Product Program

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You play an exciting role in giving your girls opportunities to practice the five skills as they learn how to think like entrepreneurs in a girl-led setting. Some of the things you’ll do include:

Not only can girls sell individually, both in person and with the online tools provided by each vendor, they can also participate in group booth sales during product programs. GSNorCal has additional guidance and processes to market booths and ensure they are situated in safe and appropriate locations for girls.

As your Girl Scouts grow, your role will evolve from a hands-on one to providing oversight and support where needed. No matter your girls’ ages, remember that volunteers and parents/caregivers do not sell the product. Your role is to encourage your girls and let their entrepreneurial spirit soar. Learning by doing is exactly how your girls develop the business savvy and communication skills that will empower them to reach any goals they set for themselves.

Another critical task for each troop is to establish a clear accounting system for all proceeds and product during the programs. It's up to you to make sure that money is spent wisely, that excellent records are kept (remember to keep copies of all receipts in a binder or folder), and that all product is tracked. For older girls, your job is to oversee their work as they learn to keep impeccable records. Be sure to attend product program orientation or training so you are aware of the systems and helpful tools available.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program and the Fall Take Action program can be exhilarating and busy times during the troop year, but you’re never alone in your efforts! You can reach out to your service unit product program manager when you‘re feeling stuck, or you can build a cookie team to provide the support your troop needs.


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