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August 1, 2024, we will be sunsetting the gsCommunity website. This decision was not made lightly, and we are deeply grateful for the connections, adventures, and memories we have shared. 

Check out our Girl Scout member digital tools below!

gsNorCal: Come check out our new look at This site is designed with you, the audience, in mind. Are you interested in learning more about Girl Scouts? Come Discover what we’re all about and find out how to Get Involved. Want to know how you can support Girl Scouts, visit our Support Us section. Finally, are you a member looking for resources? Check out the Members section and we’ll point you in the right direction. Visit us at to get the information you need about Girl Scouts of Northern California. Click here for a tour of our New Website.

gsHelpCenter: Got Questions? We’ve got answers! Check out the gsHelpCenter for all your Girl Scout member questions, how-tos, resources, and more! The gsHelpCenter is a live space that will continue to grow over time so keep coming back. Click here for a tour of gsHelpCenter.

gsCommunity: Is an app-based social networking community designed by volunteers to bring together Girl Scouts across Northern California in a dedicated space to create a successful and memorable Girl Scout experience. Whether you are looking for/wanting to share inspiring stories of camping, travel, events, highest awards, money earning or troop experiences, gsCommunity is your digital space to connect, share, learn and grow!

Volunteer Toolkit (VTK): Accessed through MyGS, the Volunteer Toolkit is a digital tool for troop leaders and Service Unit volunteers to plan meetings, communicate with parents, and help them plan their Girl Scout year and troop activities. Troop Leaders and Service Unit volunteers are encouraged to use the VTK for free badge content and resources, including GSUSA’s newly released badges and this year’s Global Action and World Thinking Day awards.

gsLearn: Accessed through MyGS, gsLearn is GSUSA’s and GSNorCal's new learning management system. Launched in September 2023, gsLearn replaced GSNorCal's Volunteer Learning Portal. gsLearn has new and updated courses for all troop roles such as New Troop Leader, Co-Op Troop Leader, Troop Treasurer, Troop Chaperone, and more! Check out our gsHelpCenter Articles for more information on gsLearn. If you or troop leaders need help or assistance with training, email

Our website and gsHelpCenter will be updated constantly based on your feedback and usage. These fresh tools will be added to the lineup of already existing digital member tools.

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