Be Prepared: Carry Forms With You!

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Why so many forms?

GSNorCal continually strives to streamline and eliminate unnecessary forms.  Forms are sometimes necessary, however, to ensure the safety of the girls and adults, to comply with insurance and legal requirements and protect the liability of our volunteers and council.

Forms are designed to:

  1. Act as a checklist to inform you of certain legal or procedural requirements so you don't have to memorize them, and/or
  2. Communicate needed information to your troop, service unit, or council.  Often, this information is needed to support you with your appropriate legal and insurance requirements to minimize you and your councils liability and to keep youth safe.

All forms can be found at

In case of an emergency, troop leaders and event managers should always carry a copy (multiple copies for a large event) of the Media Information Sheet, the Accident-Injury Report Form, and the Incident Report Form, as well as permission forms and Health History Forms.

For more detailed, must-know information regarding forms, check out: Be Prepared: Carry Forms with You! (PDF)

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