Cheddar Up & 3rd Party Accounts: Confirming Account is Set Up Correctly

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Make sure your Cheddar Up or Square accounts are set up correctly.

This will prevent you from personally receiving a 1099-K form. If you use another vendor, please ensure they are set up correctly as well. Remember, you should never use your own personal accounts to collect or manage Girl Scout funds or transactions. This practice represents co-mingling of funds, which is strictly prohibited at the volunteer management level. To learn more, check out: Volunteer Essentials | Managing Troop Finances

How do I verify that my account is set up correctly?
Login to your third-party vendor and verify:

  1. Account is linked to your Girl Scouts of Northern California bank account
  2. Verify that the Payee’s TIN is the Council’s Tax Identification Number - 94-1551410

What if the account is set up incorrectly?
Contact the vendor to make the changes ensuring that the account is linked to your Girl Scouts of Northern California bank account and that the TIN is the Council’s Tax Identification Number.

What is a 1099-K?
The 1099-K Tax Form is a form for reporting payments received via a third-party network or credit/debit card transaction. If you use a service to process a credit or debit card transaction, that service is a payment settlement entity and the amount of those types of transactions for the year will be reported on the Form 1099-K by that service provider. Girl Scouts of Northern California records the income from these transactions and reports the totals on their annual Federal and State tax returns.

What should I do if I receive a 1099-K?
If you receive a 1099-K, do not panic, but please check to see if the form belongs to you (personally) or to Girl Scouts of Northern California. It is important when conducting business under the Council entity that the information given to the service provider is correct.

  1. Note under Payee’s TIN- this is the Council’s Tax Identification Number. It should be populated as shown below. If it is anything other than 94-1551410, please contact your Volunteer Support Manager for advice on how to correct this.
  2. Payee’s Name should be either Girl Scouts of Northern California or an entity that is organized under the Council.
  3. If both the Payee’s TIN and name are correct, then this form can either be sent to the Council or disregarded since the Finance team will have recorded these amounts already.

** Please note that all business conducted for the Council should be set up using the Council EIN. Personal use of these accounts is prohibited.


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