Lifetime Member Annual Renewal Steps

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Girl Scout Lifetime Members do not need to renew their membership each year. However, they do need to renew any volunteer roles they currently hold or will hold during the upcoming membership year.  Lifetime members are asked to log in to MyGS during Early Bird renewal season, annually, to renew their roles. 

Lifetime members who renew their roles by June 30, can receive a collectible early bird renewal patch. Let us know if you want a patch by filling out the Patch Request Form


Instructions to renew, add, or remove volunteer roles. 

Renew Volunteer Roles:

  • Login to your MyGS account. 
    • Troop Leaders can renew adult roles from My Troops tab and
    • Adults can renew their own volunteer roles through My Household Tab. 
  • When renewing memberships, make sure to check these boxes in order to renew:
    • Membership
    • Troop affiliation
    • Volunteer roles you wish to keep/renew. Do not check the box for roles you do not wish to renew.

To Add a New Volunteer Role:

  • From your MyGS Account, under My Household, go to the adult member you want to add a role to and click Add a new role
  • Select the adult role you wish to add
  • Follow the prompts to add the volunteer role to your membership account.

To Add a Volunteer Role with a Troop you're Already Participating with:

  • From your MyGS Account, click My Troops
  • Select the adult role you wish to add under "Apply for available roles". If you have multiple troop associations, ensure that you choose the role under the correct troop. Note: If the desired role is not listed, contact us at for assistance.
  • Follow the prompts to add the volunteer role to your membership account.

To Remove a Volunteer Role:

Login to your MyGS account and click on My Household.  Go to the adult’s volunteer role you want to remove

  • Click Edit Details
  • Select Remove next to the volunteer role you wish to remove. Be careful not to remove your Troop affiliation by mistake. Note: You will only be able to remove current roles. Lapsed/non-renewed roles that you have previously held will display as lapsed.


Need some help? Please review these simple step-by-step instructions to help you log into and navigateMyGS, or contact us at or 800-447-4475, ext. 0. 

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