Taking Photo and Video at Events

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Taking photos at events isn’t just a great way to preserve and share memories, it’s also an opportunity to show the world the value of Girl Scouts, and encourage others to join in on the fun. While many smartphones and digital cameras make it easier than ever to take professional looking photos with minimal effort, putting in a little extra thought and planning can lead to great improvements in your photos and make them easier to share on social media and other platforms. Try some of these tips to take your work beyond point-and-click. 

Media release:

If you are hosting an event, GSUSA advises posting a media release sign at the entrance, stating that photos and videos will be taken within the event and are released to be used by Girl Scouts of Northern California and/or your Service Unit. Their entry to the event is their consent for photos/videos taken.

You can also ask that all participants sign a photo release form or include a checkbox stating they allow photos to be shared on your signup form.

If you see others taking photos or videos at your event, ask them to send them to GSNorCal via the "share your story" form or to you.



  • If possible (based on phone type) use "Live Photo". This allows you to turn any photo into a short video later.
  • Capture non-posed photos of girls chatting, smiling, etc, from the side, front, and back. These are great because they are candid and show the moment.
  • Take a few posed pictures as well, especially if they're all wearing Girl Scout gear!
  • For social media purposes, vertically shot photos are best, but always snap a few horizantal as well.
  • Using "Zoom" on photos can diminish the clarity so use sparingly.
  • Avoid harsh lighting and backlit images. Try not to take a photo directly into your light with your subject in front. However, taking photos with your subject facing the sun could cause them to squint in the light.


  • Video the event from slightly above eye level to show the Girl Scouts in action.
  • Take videos vertically
  • Don't worry about sound/background noise (full room videos, people chatting, signing in, people waving etc.)
  • Videos of people saying why they're excited to be at an event or why they came to the event are great for social media to promote a similar event in the future.

Once you have your photos and video, please consider sharing with us so we can add to our social media, newsletters, website, and/or blog. If you cannot upload your media to our form, you can also email us at social@gsnorcal.org.

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