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Fall Take Action Project

The Fall Take Action Program isn’t just about Girl Scout entrepreneurs, or learning how to run a small business. Girl Scouts every year put their earnings towards an endangered species that could use some  special support!


Join your fellow GSNorCal entrepreneurs in partnering with Friends of Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in adoption and conservation of ocelots in Texas.

Once ranging throughout the Southwest, today the only breeding population of ocelots in the U.S. is in Texas, where fewer than 60 ocelots remain in two small populations near the Mexican border.


No two ocelots have the same markings on their fur. Their spots, which are sometimes referred to as rosettes, are dark brown to black and the fur underneath is usually a golden tan or light yellowy brown.

Girl Conservation

By choosing to donate any amount of their program rewards for adoption and conservation of ocelots in Texas, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make a change in the world and spread the word about the need to protect ocelots in Texas.

Troop Sisterhood

Your troop can help safeguard a future for these amazing animals through participation in the Fall Take Action Program. Troops who have 75% of registered Girl Scouts sending 18+ emails plush reach a 50+ item Per Girl Average by the end of the program, earn an Ocelot Adoption Kit which includes a 2023 philanthropist patch, ocelot socks for each Girl Scout participating, and socks for 2 adults.


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