Council-Run Camp Registration FAQs: Camp Sugar Pine, Camp Bothin, & Camp Hidden Falls

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This article gives information about the registration process of our three council-run camps: Camp Sugar Pine, Camp Hidden Falls, and Camp Bothin. For information about the registration process of our volunteer-run camps, please refer to that camp's specific website.

This article is organized by topic:

  1. Registration FAQS
  2. Waitlist FAQS
  3. After Registration FAQS
  4. Returning Camper FAQS


  • When does registration open for summer 2024?
    • Registration will open for our returning campers (from Sugar Pine, Hidden Falls, and Bothin) on January 22nd at 12:00pm. Registration will open for all other campers on January 29th at 12:00pm.

  • Do you expect a lot of people to register on the first day?
    • Yes. Since the pandemic, we have seen a significant interest in our camps over the summer. GS NorCal has been working to offer more of our popular programs from previous summers, but we expect spots to fill up quickly - especially for sessions in June. We recommend registering your camper as soon as possible when registration opens for the highest chance to get your camper's preferred session.

  • Does my camper need to be a member of Girl Scouts of Northern California to register for camp?
    • No, our three council-run camps are available to all campers who identify with the girl experience, whether or not they are currently members. Please note that there is an associated fee for these campers ranging between $40-$50. You can find the associated fee based on your camper's specific situation here: Additional Camp Fees

  • Is there any specific information that I need to have on-hand during the registration process?
    • If you are a returning camper, most of your and your camper's information will populate from last year and will only need to be reviewed. For new campers, we will ask for basic camper and contact information. For both types of campers, we recommend already having your camper's session picked out and having your credit card available.

  • My camper is currently in 5th grade and will go into 6th grade after the summer. Are they eligible for a 5th grade program or 6th grade program?
    • Your camper is eligible for programs that match the grade level they will go into after the summer. In this case, your camper will be eligible for 6th grade programs. Keep in mind that during registration, our system will ask you which grade you camper will COMPLETE for the 2023-2024 school year. You would put 5th grade in this space and on the next page, our system will populate all eligible 6th grade programs.

  • I have multiple campers. Can I register them at the same time?
    • Unfortunately, our system does not allow multiple campers to be registered at the same time. You will need to complete the registration process for your first camper before completing the registration process for you second camper.


  • How will I know if my camper will be waitlisted for a program?
    • If a program has reached capacity, a red hourglass will be present by the program name. If selected, a notification will appear informing you that the program you selected is waitlisted. Once you complete the application, you will also receive an email informing you that your camper has been put on the waitlist for that program. You can ask where your camper is on the waitlist at anytime by emailing with your camper's name and program.

  • Am I charged a deposit for putting my camper on the waitlist?
    • No, you will not be charged a deposit to put your camper on the waitlist. We require that a credit card be put on file to register you camper, but we will not charge a deposit until they are moved off the waitlist. GS NorCal will not charge credit cards without notifying families first. If you camper gets moved off the waitlist, we will require you to log in and manually make a payment OR directly request a charge to your card for the deposit.

  • I registered my camper but was put on the waitlist. How will I know if they've been moved into their session?
    • If a program reaches capacity, campers are placed on the waitlist in the order they complete their registration for that program. If another camper cancels and a spot opens up, we will notify families by email that their camper has been moved off the waitlist. A camper will have 2 business days to log in and pay the deposit to secure their spot.


  • Once I'm done registering, then what do I do?
    • A CampInTouch account is created for your family during the registration process. Once you've enrolled your camper, you will need to complete your camper's forms in this CampInTouch account. These forms include medical information, emergency contact/pickup information, and everything else we need for your camper to join us. Forms are due June 1st, but we recommend completing them as soon as possible in case they need to be resubmitted. 
      • You can access these forms immediately after completing registration by clicking Account Menu >> Forms & Documents
      • You can also access these forms at any time by logging into your CampInTouch account and selecting Forms & Documents. You can log in here: CampInTouch

  • I selected that I was interested in financial aid. How do I complete an application?
    • After you register your camper, you will then complete the Financial Aid Form in the Forms & Documents section of your CampInTouch account: CampInTouch
    • We review financial aid applications on a weekly basis for campers who are registered. Applications for waitlisted campers will be reviewed once they move off the waitlist. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to review your application. Once we determine a financial aid amount, we will notify you by email how much has been applied to your registration and your updated balance.

  • I made a mistake during the registration process and I can't go back and fix it. What do I do?
    • Most mistakes can be corrected in the Contact Information section on your account dashboard. If you are unable to change your mistake in that section, please email us at with the changes that you need to make. We will send a confirmation email once your changes have been implemented.

  • What is your cancellation policy?
    • Please note that your refund policy is strict and we are unable to make exceptions. We strongly recommend investing in travel insurance if you are concerned about cancelling your camper's trip.
      • Deposits - All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be transferred if your camper gets into their preferred session, however, they will not be refunded if your camper cancels for any reason. This includes COVID exposures, family emergencies, or if your camper gets sick with a cold or the flu right before camp.
      • Refunds - The balance of the camp fee, minus the deposit, will be refunded as long as we receive an email requesting the cancellation at least four weeks before your camp's start date.

  • How/When will I get information and updates about camp?
    • Communication to camper families will go out by email to the email address provided during registration. While we try to provide general information regarding camp forms, info nights, or our Campanion App on a regular basis, a majority of our communcation will not happen until April, once a majority of our families have registered.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
    • Email us at or call at 1-800-447-4475 with any questions you may have. Emails are reviewed consistently throughout the day. Please note that we expect a high volume of calls and emails when registration opens. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a message and we will try to return your call as soon as possible.


  • Where do I log in to complete Returning Camper Registration?
    • You will log into your CampInTouch account to complete your Camper Application for 2024. This is the account you used to complete your camp forms last year. 
  • I've been locked out of my CampInTouch account, what do I do?
    • Email us at so we can unlock your account. We will send you confirmation once your account is unlocked, along with a password reset email to the email on file for your account.
    • We strongly recommend logging into CampInTouch to make sure you can access your account the the week before Returning Camper Registration. That way, if there are issues logging in, we can troubleshoot them beforehand. 

  • The Camper Application isn't on my dashboard. OR, the Camper Application was there, but now it's not. Does my account have issues?
    • No, you should not be concerned. Our camp team tests the Camper Application multiple times and in different ways before registration to try to make our registration process as easy as possible for our families. Changes to your dashboard before registration opens is our camp team hard at work on those tests. Once Returning Camper Registration opens on January 22nd, the Camper Application will be made available for all returning campers and stay available.

  • If my camper is waitlisted for their preferred session, will I be able to register for another program as a backup during Returning Camper Registration?
    • No, during Returning Camper Registration, families will only be able to select one session to register their camper, even if they are placed on the waitlist. You will be able to register your camper for a backup session when General Registration opens on January 29th.

  • Can I request financial aid during Returning Camper Registration?
    • Yes, you can request financial aid on the first page of the Camper Application. Once you complete the Camper Application, don't forget to complete the Financial Aid Form in the Forms & Documents section of your account so we can process it as soon as possible.

  • My camper went to Camp Bothin in 2023. Do they have to choose Camp Bothin for summer 2024?
    • No, returning campers can choose any one of our three camps during Returning Camper Regsitration, whether they've attended that camp previously or not.

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