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This article gives information about the registration process of our three council-run camps: Camp Sugar Pine, Camp Hidden Falls, and Camp Bothin. For information about the registration process of our volunteer-run camps, please refer to that camp's specific website.

All required forms for camp can be found in the Forms & Documents section of your CampInTouch account that was created during registration. To log into your CampInTouch account, you can follow this link:

Once submitted, camp forms will turn green showing that they have been completed/submitted. If a form needs to be resubmitted for any reason, the camp team will email you giving you the name of the form and the reason it was rejected. All camp forms are due June 1st.

CAMP FORMS (Listed in alphabetical order)

  • Authorized Pickup Form - This form is used to list all adults (including yourself) that are eligible to pick up your camper from check-out, an early departure, or an emergency. All adults listed on the Authorized Pickup form will be required to show picture identification to pick up a camper. Adults are not required to be listed to drop off campers. 

  • Camper Application - This is the form you completed to register your camper. This form will automatically show as green (or complete) when you enter your account once you've completed registration.

  • Camper Buddy Form - This is where you can list a Camper Buddy for you camper. Camper Buddies are groups of two campers who are bunked and grouped together for activities. Camper Buddies may not do EVERY activity together while at camp, but our counselors will prioritize bunking Camper Buddies together when they arrive.
    • Please Note: While our camp team can typically accomodate groups of three so a camper doesn't get left behind, accomodating groups of four or more is difficult and it is hard to guarantee they will all be bunked together. In this case, the counselors will break a group of four (or more) into two Camper Buddy groups. We recommend determining your group's Camper Buddy setup and list one Camper Buddy, rather than list three or more other campers.

  • Camper Info Form - The Camper Info Form gives our camp team insight to your camper's personality and camp preparedness. If a camper is having trouble with homesickness or adjusting to camp, our counselors will review the answers you wrote in the Camper Info Form to help your camper, before escalating to parent contact.

  • Camper Info Packet - This packet usually isn't available until April. The Camper Info Packet is a PDF that gives in-depth information about camp life, schedules, the Camp Culture Code, and much more. The Camper Info Packet is for informational purposes only, it does not need to be completed or turned in.

  • CIT Application - This form is present only for campers in our Counselor-In-Training programs. This form must be completed for a CIT to be enrolled in the program. Once the CIT Application is completed, our camp directors will reach out to the campers to enroll them or schedule an interview (for CIT II and CIT III).
    • Please Note: CIT Applications are typically reviewed on a monthly basis so we recommend your CIT complete this form as soon as possible.

  • CIT Instructions - This PDF is present only for campers in our Counselor-In-Training programs. This PDF gives information regarding to CIT process and how to apply to the program. This form is for informational purposes only, it does not need to be completed or turned in. 

  • Financial Aid Form - The Financial Aid Form is used to indicate if you would like to request financial aid for your camper. A Financial Aid Form will need to be completed for each camper you are requesting financial aid for. Applications will be reviewed within 1-2 weeks after they are submitted and once we determined a financial aid amount, we will email you with an amount awarded and your remaining balance.
    • Please Note: Financial aid applications are only reviewed for enrolled campers. If your camper is on the waitlist, your application will be reviewed if they are moved off the waitlist.

  • Health History Form - The Health History Form includes information about emergency contacts, allergies, your camper's medications, and what our camp team is allowed to administer to a camper while at camp. This is an important form so please make sure it is filled out completely and thoroughly. 

  • Immunization Record - This is where your will upload your camper's immunization record so our camp team has a record on file. You can upload an immunization record from your doctor's office, your school, or you can print out the PDF linked to this form and fill it out manually.
    • Please Note: Campers must be current and up-to-date on their immunizations to attend camp. GS NorCal can only accept medical exemptions for immunizations. If your camper has a medical exemption for immunizations, please email medical exemption documentation from your physician to
    • Please Note: This form will remain gray when submitted. It will turn green once it's been manually reviewed by a member of our camp team.

  • Physician's Examination - This is where you will upload documentation from your camper's annual wellness visit or physical. Wellness visits or physicals showing permission to participate in general physical activity must be dated within 12 months of your program's start date. If your camper has not had an annual wellness visit or physical dated within 12 months of your program's start date, you can download the attached Physician's Examination PDF and have your camper's physcian complete it.
    • Please Note: We can accept the Physician's Examination Form OR your child's annual wellness visit documentation. Both are not necessary to fulfill this requirement. When you upload this document, please make sure your camper's name and the date of the wellness visit are clearly visible on the document.
    • Please Note: This form will remain gray when submitted. It will turn green once it's been manually reviewed by a member of our camp team.

  • Transportation Form(Sugar Pine and Rainbow's End Only) - This form only populates to campers enrolled at Camp Sugar Pine and Camp Rainbow's End. The transportation form indicates which bus you would like your camper to ride on to and from camp. Please complete this form even if you plan on driving your camper directly to camp; there will be an option in the form to drop off onsite.
    • Please Note: GS NorCal provides transportation to camp at no additional cost to our Camp Sugar Pine and Camp Rainbow's End campers. Addresses for each stop are located in the transportation form and the Camper Info Packet.  


Forms camp be changed or updated until one week before your program's start date. After then, you will need to email to make any additional changes. 







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