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This resource is meant to inform entrepreneurs and their families about our council Cookie Locator,, and their options for participating.


 What is is Girl Scouts of Northern California's Cookie Locator website that is a great resource to help entrepreneurs boost their sales and stay relevant in their communities.  On this website, customers can locate where Girl Scouts are hosting cookie booths or purchase cookies through a Digital Cookie storefront for shipped, donated, or Girl Scout-delivered cookies.


How does work?

When a customer visits, they enter their zip code to generate a list of cookie-purchasing options. Customers will then see two digital storefronts and all active cookie booths in that zip code. Each time the webpage refreshes, a new pair of Digital Cookie storefronts cycle to the top of the list, and the previous goes to the bottom for equity among sellers.


Can customers look up my Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie storefront?

Yes! All Girl Scouts who will be using Digital Cookie are automatically uploaded into the database, to be searched by customers. Please note that if you choose to search your zip code to verify that your Girl Scout is listed, this will then push your Girl Scout to the bottom of the search queue for the zip code they are listed in. When a potential customer enters the same zip code to search for cookies, your Girl Scout will then appear at the bottom of the list. To help increase the chances of customers finding your Girl Scout’s storefront, refrain from searching for them on


What if I do not want my Digital Cookie storefront listed on

If you would like to participate in Digital Cookie but do not want to be listed on, you can opt-out by completing the GSNorCal Cookie Finder Opt-Out Form. The form will also be available on the website and shared through eBudde communications.


When does go live? will go live on January 29, the same date as the launch of Digital Cookie. If you prefer your Troop or Girl Scout not be listed on on the launch date, please complete the opt-out form before the deadline on January 25. If you miss this deadline, you may still complete the opt-out form any time during the cookie season and staff will remove your Digital Cookie storefront from on a rolling basis.

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