How to invite new members to join and register in your troop

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There are two ways Troop Leaders and Troop Admins can get new members to register in their troops.

1. Display the troop in the Troop Catalog

Troops displayed in the troop catalog will have open troop spaces available to select when customers search for participation options in and around their specified zip code, provided the troop matches the grade selected during their search.

To display your troop in the troop catalog or update the number of available spaces already displayed, fill out the Opt-in, Update, and grow Your Troop Form

 2. Send a Personal Invitation

Troop Leaders and Troop Admins can also invite specific members to join their troop by sending a personal invitation. The personal invitation works only for the email address it is sent to and does not require the troop to be open on the troop catalog.

  1. To send a personal invitation, log into your MyGS account.
  2. Select My Troop(s) from the left navigation and click on your troop name.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Invite friends to join your troop >
  4. Fill out the form, adding up to 10 parent/guardian email addresses at one time.
  5. Once submitted, an email will be sent. See the sample email here.



Click here to see what happens once a member receives their personal invitation.



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