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Member engagement is a key part of Girl Scouts of Northern California's strategy as we strive to honor the voice of our membership. Our governance system, which is comprised of elected or appointed delegates who serve as voting members of the council, is the main way for members to give input to our Board of Directors. All delegates should attend the Annual Meeting on May 21, 2023 to cast their votes and make their voices heard.

What is a Delegate-at-Large?

Delegates-at-Large serve as the primary communication link between our youth and adult members and Northern California's Board of Directors. Delegates-at-Large provide input to the Board on our council's strategy and elect the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.

The Delegate-at-Large position was developed to provide opportunities for council level groups, other than service units, to be represented by voting members of the council. To learn more, view the Delegate-at-Large nomination information.


For Questions, contact Amy Burke, Governance and Member Engagement Manager, at

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