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Want to add more Girl Scouts or volunteers to your troop?  Read our tips below.

  1. Open spots for your troop in our online troop catalog: Our online troop catalog is how prospective members search for troops. You can update your troop information with this link
  2. Send invitations. If you have specific people you’d like to add to your troop and/or prefer not to be open to the public, Troop Leaders and Troop Admins can also invite people to their troop through MyGS. Just add their email, click send, and a non-shareable, temporary link will be sent to those individuals that will add them directly to your troop once they complete their registration.
  3. Spread the word with flyers: Use our resources below. We have flyers and social media graphics that you can use to spread the word about your troop and its open spots. Hand them out at school, sports, and other activities you participate in. You could also post a flyer at a community center or library.
  4. Get help from our staff:  Community Manager in your area can help you set up a recruitment event if you need to fill multiple spots. If you are unsure how to reach your Community Manager, you can email us at

Customizable Recruitment Tools:


These simple flyers can be downloaded and customized with your troop details and contact information. Take a stack to a local school or business, hang them on doors, print and handwrite a note to all the girls in your grade, etc.

Suggested text is included. Be sure to update the highlighted sections with your troop’s information.

Half-page flyer

Full-page flyer

Full-page flyer in Spanish

Full-page flyer, Daisy images

Social Media Images 

You can use the following images on your social media account to post about your troop. Right click and copy or download the images - or click on the download links that appear at the bottom of this article.

We recommend you create a link to your troop’s details in our online catalog to make it easy for people to join. 

2023_Recruitment_Your_Year_of_Wonder.png 2023_Recruitment_Your_Year_of_Trailblazing.png2023_Recruitment_Your_Year_of_Friendship.png 2023_Recruitment_Your_Year_of_Invention.png  2023_Recruitment_Your_Year_of_Adventure.png 2023_Recruitment_Your_Year_of_Fun.png2023_DaisyLaunch_FriendsQuad.jpg 2023_DaisyLaunch_BigFriends.jpg


Instructions: Registration Steps – Include the following in your flyers, emails, and/or social media posts to make it easy for people to find and join your troop:

You can register into this troop by following the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click “Find Troops” and search using the zip code “[enter your troop’s meeting zip code]”.
  • Purchase an annual youth membership for $40 and/or an adult volunteer membership for $25. Financial Aid is available.
  • Become a Troop volunteer! If you would like to be a part of your child's experience and help during meetings/activities, make sure to register for the Troop Helper or other troop volunteer role. Volunteer roles require adults to have a membership and background check.
  • If you need assistance with registration, check out the New Member Registration instructions that includes screenshots. You may also call 800-447-4475, ext. 0.


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