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Complete Course Catalog

for Volunteers in gsLearn

gsLearn is GSUSA’s and GSNorCal's Learning Management System. gsLearn offers volunteer role and course learning paths, as well as, several helpful individual courses to help you succeed in Girl Scouts. See the Required Volunteer Role Learning Index and gsLearn Troubleshooting and FAQs for more information.


Course: 636 Accepting Credit Cards


​​This course will introduce you to the different ways and policies for collecting payments for your Girl Scout troop or service unit. As well as, how to safeguard private information. This course must be retaken every year if accepting credit cards.

Course: 636 Backpacking In-Person Course


​​​Are your Girl Scouts feeling adventurous and wanting to explore the great outdoors? This course will prepare you to lead your Girl Scouts on a backpacking experience of a lifetime. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills you will need to make important decisions about gear, clothing, and trip planning so that you can hit the trail feeling confident and self-sufficient. In-person courses are instructed by seasoned Girl Scout volunteers who are there to support an interactive, hands-on learning approach, and support you as you practice your new skill set. Register for the in-person Backpacking course today to become a certified Backpacking Advisor.

Course: 636 Bronze Award


​​This course provides an overview of the requirements and steps to achieving the Girl Scout Bronze Award. It is designed to be viewed as a troop or group and is geared towards any individual who will be involved in the Bronze Award process.

Course: 636 Campfire


​​This course is for Troop Leaders, Trip Advisors, and Camp Advisors who will be present at a campfire outing to teach Girl Scouts all about campfire safety. 

Course: 636 Cook In


​​This course is required for Troop Leaders, Trip Advisors, and Camp Advisors who will assist Girl Scouts as they plan and prepare food and meals indoors. Teaching techniques and safety guidelines for knife handling, food handling, hygiene, and sanitation are emphasized. After completion of this course, you will be able to supervise Girl Scouts cooking indoors using indoor cooking equipment and methods.

Course: 636 Cook Out


​​This course is required for Troop Leaders, Trip Advisors, and Camp Advisors. After completing this course you will be able to assist Girl Scouts as they cook simple meals outdoors, such as, one-pot meals, stick cooking, and solar cooking using propane, charcoal, or wood.

Course: 636 Delegate Orientation

DelegateOrientationCourse Banner.fw.png

​​​In this course, you will learn how to be a part of the governance process for our council. You'll learn how “voting members” of our council attend the Annual Meeting for Girl Scouts of Northern California and help elect the Board of Directors, Board Development Committee, and the National Delegates to the National Council of GSUSA. 

Course: 636 Discoveree


Discoveree is a one-day learning event for Girl Scout volunteers and leaders that provides a mixture of training, skills, and crafts that will enrich your troop's Girl Scout experience and it is put on by volunteers like you.  It is held in winter each year. We hope you'll join us! Discoveree 2024 will be on Saturday, January 20th. Register today to reserve your space.

Course: 636 Entrepreneurship Money-Earning


​​​​In this course, you will learn about what money-earning activities Girl Scouts can participate in to fund their Girl Scout Experiences and how to support them with their money-earning endeavors.

Course: 636 Extended Travel Live Webinar Course

Extended TravelPersonCourseBanner.fw.png

​​​​This course will prepare you to plan an extended overnight trip of 5 or more nights (national or international) with your Girl Scouts. Learn advanced planning, budgeting, safety, group management, and best practices for extended travel. This course is virtually instructed by seasoned Girl Scout volunteers and staff who are on hand to support an interactive, hands-on learning approach, and support you as you prepare your troop for travel. Register today to get your plans in motion for extended travel.

Course: 636 Girl Scout Cookie Program 2024 - Hot Topics


This course will provide Girl Scouts and their families with some talking points and resources to share with customers about hot topics around the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Course: 636 Girl Scout Program


​​​​​In this course you will learn all about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Essential Girl Scout Experience, and the Girl Scout Program. This content will help ensure you are delivering the best Girl Scout program possible.

Course: 636 GSNorCal First Aid/CPR/AED In-person Course

GSNorCal First Aid-CPR-InPersonCourseBanner.fw.png

Get First Aid/CPR/AED certified and satisfy your Troop First Aider and Event First Aider requirements by registering for GSNorCal's in-person ​First Aid/CPR/AED Certification course. Troop and Event First Aiders must also complete the learning path for their role. Our in-person courses are instructed by seasoned Red Cross-certified instructors who are on hand to support an interactive, hands-on learning approach, and support you as you practice your new skill set. The First Aid/CPR/AED certificate must be renewed every 2 years.

Course: 636 GSNorCal Mandated Reporter 


​​​​In compliance with California's AB506 law, all volunteers must complete child abuse and neglect mandatory reporter training every 2 years. Note: If you completed this course on our previous site, the Volunteer Learning Portal (VLP), you should have full course completion (for 2 years from the date of completion) and your past course completions transferred to the equivalent gsLearn courses. If you did not get credit for this course or you completed parts of the GSNorCal Mandated Reporter Training on the VLP, but did not complete it, you can email us at to get credit for the modules you completed. Be sure to include your name, MyGS login email, and VLP email/login.

Course: 636 GSNorCal Wilderness First Aid In-Person Course


Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is required of at least one adult when Girl Scouts are participating in activities or events located more than 30 minutes away from Emergency Medical Services. Our in-person courses are instructed by seasoned Red Cross-certified instructors who are on hand to support an interactive, hands-on learning approach, and support you as you practice your new skill set. Get Wilderness First Aid certified and complete the 636 Wilderness First Aider learning path to become a Wilderness First Aider for GSNorCal. The Wilderness First Aid certificate must be renewed every 2 years.

Course: 636 Highest Awards Overview

Highest Awards OverviewCourseBanner.fw.png

Want to know more about the Girl Scout Highest Awards? Start with this short Highest Awards Overview course to learn all about what they are, who can earn them, and why Girls Scouts strive for them.

Course: 636 Keeping It Girl-Led


​​This course will go over various forms of Girl Scout troop government, troop management strategies, and review ways to keep Girl Scouts Girl-Led.


Course: 636 Managing Troop Finances


This course will teach you all about managing your troop's finances. Including sharing financial best practices, understanding how to fund your troop, and helping your Girl Scouts develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Course: 636 National/Council Awards

NationalCouncil AwardsCourseBanner.fw.png

​Nominate your favorite outstanding volunteer for a council or national award!  This course will go over the award criteria and inform you of the process for submitting an online nomination form and endorsement letter form by June 30th.

Course: 636 Opening Your Bank Account

Opening Your Bank AccountCourseBanner.fw.png

​​This course will teach you all about bank account basics and how to open up a bank account with GSNorCal.

Course: 636 Regional Travel


​​​​This course is for Troop Leaders, Trip Advisors, and Camp Advisors of Junior Girl Scouts and up, who will be present during the trip and will guide Girl Scouts as they plan regional trips for 3 to 4 nights, sleeping in hotels, motels, or hostels in California, Oregon, or Nevada.

Course: 636 Safety-Wise


​​​​​​Learn about your responsibilities to supervise Girl Scouts and keep them safe by following GSNorCal Safety Guidelines. Learn about adult-to-girl supervision ratios, safety activity checkpoints, safety forms, when a first aider/first aid kit is needed, GSNorCal's emergency management plan/protocol, and more!

Course: 636 Service Unit Awards 


​Service Unit Awards are a great way for service units to recognize their volunteers!  Service units can decide on their own timeline to approve and present awards. Check out this course to begin recognizing your superb volunteers!

Course: 636 Service Unit Finance Report


​​This course will show you how to complete and submit the Service Unit Finance Report.

Course: 636 Sleep In


​This course is required for Troop Leaders, Trip Advisors, and Camp Advisors who will be present during the trip and will assist Girl Scouts as they plan their indoor overnight. After completion of this module, you’ll be able to plan and take an indoor overnight of 1-2 nights at someone’s home, at a GSNorCal property, or in a hotel, motel, or hostel where there is indoor plumbing and electricity.

Course: 636 Sleep Out


​​​This course is required for Troop Leaders, Trip Advisors, and Camp Advisors who will be present during the trip and will assist Girl Scouts as they plan outdoor sleepouts for one night in a backyard or close to home in tents, cabins, yurts, or platform tents at GSNorCal properties with indoor plumbing and electricity available.

Course: 636 Volunteer-Run Camp In-Person Course


Volunteer-run camps include both day and resident camp experiences allowing Girl Scouts to extend their Girl Scout Leadership Experience into the summer months, as well as open a pathway that welcomes new youth into Girl Scouting.  Camp provides an amazing opportunity for youth and adults to make new friends, learn new skills, challenge themselves in a safe, supportive environment, and support the Girl Scout mission. Register today for the in-person Volunteer-Run Camps course.

Course: 636 Welcome to Girl Scouts


​​Welcome to Girl Scouts of Northern California! This course will provide you with information on our council and the Girl Scout Organization.

Course: 636 Welcome to gsLearn


Welcome to gsLearn. Discover how to navigate gsLearn, complete a learning path or course, and find your achievements.

Course: GSUSA 2022 New and Updated Program


Girl Scouts is excited to bring you a new and updated program for your troop, along with informative training and changes to the VTK that will make being a Troop Leader even easier. This video provides a preview of what’s new in 2022.

Course: GSUSA Becoming Me Volunteer Training


Prepare to lead your troop through the 6-8 week Becoming Me Program Series. This course is specifically designed for new, short-term volunteers engaging in the Becoming Me program series. This course takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Course: GSUSA Brand Ambassador 101 for Volunteers


Girl Scouts is evolving to meet today’s girls’ needs. We’ve designed this onboarding video to bring you up to speed with our brand. In just 20 minutes, we share why change is necessary now, give specifics about what’s changing and when, and discuss the crucial role you play in moving these changes forward.

Course: GSUSA Cultural Assets Archives 101


At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to demonstrate fluency with procedures of handling and conservation of archival objects and documents, demonstrate knowledge of archival supply materials, and be able to apply archival best practices to their work and storage spaces. Learners will also be able to identify areas of their own archives that need attention and organization and will understand how to leverage their collections with their Councils. This course is for council history committee volunteers, people interested in preserving Girl Scout memorabilia, and anyone interested in archival best practices. This course should take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

Course: GSUSA Delivering Inclusive Programming


In this course, you will practice using inclusive and equitable language to support the identities of all Girl Scouts and foster a cohesive troop environment. The course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Course: GSUSA Facilitating Virtual Troop Meetings


In this course, you’ll learn about how to create and facilitate an engaging virtual troop meeting. Be sure to check out the additional reference material section for more resources! You will: explore the main reasons for hosting virtual troop meetings; learn how to transfer current troop meeting practices to a virtual space; discover techniques and tips to create engaging virtual experiences; and learn how to keep virtual meetings safe. 

Course: GSUSA Girl Scout Tree Promise


Learn about the Girl Scout Tree Promise and join our national effort to plant 5 million trees in 5 years. Girls can plant, protect, or honor trees on their own or with their troops, families, or communities. This course will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Course: GSUSA Managing My Troops from My Account


This course demonstrates how troop leaders can manage troop and troop member information from My Account. It also demonstrates how leaders can complete registration activities for troop members. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete this course. During the course, learners earn a badge after they complete each section. This course is complete when all 12 badges are earned.

Course: GSUSA Mental Wellness 101


In this course, you will learn what mental health is and how to recognize the signs of mental health challenges. You will explore different scenarios that young people may experience, and learn how you can promote an environment within Girl Scouts for you and others to thrive and grow.

Course: GSUSA New Leader Onboarding: What Girl Scouts Do

GSUSA-What Girl Scouts Do.PNG

Thank you for being a Girl Scout volunteer. In this course, you will learn about What Girl Scouts Do at each grade level. This will help you understand what Girl Scouts do and how they do it so you can plan your troop's year. This course is presented through the lens of an experienced troop leader, whose troop completed all grade levels of the Girl Scout program. You will have the opportunity to explore the troop's interactive journal and learn about the things they did on their Girl Scout journey. Please note, you are only required to explore the Grade Levels you will be leading, although you are welcome to explore more if you'd like.

Course: GSUSA: Resilient. Ready. Strong.


Life isn’t always easy, but dealing with tricky emotions doesn’t have to be so hard. The Girl Scouts: Resilient. Ready. Strong. patch will build girls’ inner strength so they are ready for anything! Participate in Girl Scout activities related to 10 skill areas that help boost resilience. This course will review activities that work for all grade levels, as well as provide reflective questions for discussion with girls, and links to additional resources. This course will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Course: GSUSA Sparking Girl Scout Interest in STEM


In this course, you will explore how to support Girl Scouts of all ages to engage in STEM. You will learn what STEM is, how it is a tool to make a difference, and about exciting program opportunities and resources to help you amplify what Girl Scouts do.

Course: GSUSA The Mental Wellness Patch Program: Why It Matters and How to Implement It

GSUSA-Mental Wellness Patch Program.PNG

Welcome to the Mental Wellness Patch Program. Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has made a commitment to support mental wellness for every Girl Scout. In this course, you will learn best practices for holding a Mental Wellness Patch Program to give your Girl Scouts the tools and support they need to better understand and care for their mental health. The Mental Wellness Patch Program is program level-specific, designed for Juniors (older elementary), Cadettes (middle school), and Seniors and Ambassadors (high school). The course is approximately 20 minutes long.

Course: GSUSA World Thinking Day 101: An Overview for Volunteers

GSUSA-World Thinking Day.png

In this course, you’ll discover the meaning behind World Thinking Day. You’ll learn about the World Thinking Day Award, how to use the World Thinking Day Activity Guides, and how to plan for a World Thinking Day event. This course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Course: GSUSA Zoom for Girl Scouts


From setting up a Zoom account to using the meeting tools in Zoom, this course will guide you through learning how to use Zoom for meetings. Please note: The content of this course is current as of August 2020. The Zoom product is not managed by Girl Scouts of the USA and updates or changes to Zoom may not be reflected here. Learners will:

  • Learn how to create and set up a Zoom account
  • Schedule and prepare for Zoom meetings
  • Discover the Zoom features and how they can be utilized for Girl Scout meetings

Note: Volunteers can use the free version of Zoom or purchase their own licenses, GSNorCal does not provide Zoom licenses.

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