Extended Year Membership

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Extended Year membership offers new youth and adult members the chance to purchase an 18-month Girl Scout Membership at a discounted price to begin their Girl Scout experience!

What is extended-year membership? This membership deal is available for NEW youth and adults. The price includes membership for the remainder of the current membership year as well as the entire next membership year at $50 for youth, $35 for adults. For example, extended-year membership for 2024 would cover April 1–September 30, 2024, and October 1, 2024–September 30, 2025.

When can I purchase the extended-year membership?  You can purchase the extended-year membership starting April 1, 2024 through July 31, 2024.  

Will current members be able to take advantage of extended-year memberships? No, the extended-year memberships are available to new youth and adult members only.

Is this membership category available to adults? Yes, new adults can also purchase an extended year membership.

How long will a youth or adult who purchases an extended-year membership be a member? They will be a member for the remaining months of the current membership year as well as the entire next membership year.

What types of activities can an extended-year member participate in? They will be a member just like any traditional annual member. Extended-year members will experience everything Girl Scouts has to offer, including the options to join a troop, go to camp, attend service unit/council-sponsored events, and more.

Will extended-year membership be available to any youth or adult who registers or renews? This membership is for NEW youth and adults only through the new member registration process as well as the “add a member” process under the membership and troop tabs in a customer’s myGS account.

Will financial assistance be offered for this membership category? Yes, financial aid is available for families in need for extended-year memberships.

Can pre-Ks join with an extended year membership? Yes, pre-K youth starting Kindergarten in the fall can begin participating with an extended year membership beginning April 1.

What happens if a lapsed member wants to register as an extended-year member? If a former member’s membership has lapsed, meaning that they were not a member in the current or previous membership year, but they have a Girl Scout account on myGS, they are not eligible to purchase a new membership using the Extended Year membership. Lapsed members may purchase an annual membership for the current membership year or the upcoming membership year starting on April 1. For previous members that do not have an account in myGS, they will be able to create an account and take advantage of the extended year membership as if they were a new member.

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