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gsLearn is GSUSA’s and GSNorCal's Learning Management System. gsLearn offers volunteer role and course learning paths, as well as, several helpful individual courses to help you succeed in Girl Scouts. See the Required Volunteer Role Learning Index and gsLearn Troubleshooting and FAQs for more information.



gsLearn offers a variety of courses and modules covering topics, such as leadership development, outdoor skills, safety, and program-specific training. It allows volunteers to access learning materials, track their progress, and earn certifications. gsLearn aims to enhance the learning experience and support the development of essential skills within the Girl Scouts organization. The videos listed below have been developed to help you become familiar with gsLearn, its interface, how it functions, and what it offers. Click on each video below to learn more, watch the playlist we curated on YouTube, or view the Welcome to gsLearn course.



gsLearn | Basic Navigation 





gsLearn | Completing a Course or Learning Path





gsLearn | Finding Your Achievements





To learn about how to navigate different training module styles within gsLearn, check out our Welcome to gsLearn Course in gsLearn.

  • gsLearn | Basic Navigation
  • gsLearn | Completing a Course or Learning Path
  • Navigating gsLearn Training Styles
  • gsLearn | Finding Your Achievements

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